Rae vald

  1. We ENSURE that every child has the opportunity to receive high-quality primary and basic education close to home.
  2. We will ESTABLISH a learning and competence center for children with special educational needs.
  3. We CONTRIBUTE to the establishment of a state gymnasium in Jüri and create an opportunity to receive vocational education in cooperation with a vocational school.
  4. We SUPPORT the medical centers in Peetri and Jüri and the provision of services in Vaida and Lagedi.
  5. We will continue to DEVELOP Peetri Park and Jüri Central Square, we will also create recreation areas for Lagedi and Vaida.
  6. We DEVELOP public transport, ensure the functioning of student transport, introduce innovative solutions, encourage walking and cycling.
  7. We ENCOURAGE having and raising children. We will continue to pay the childbirth grant and discount on the place fee for the second child’s kindergarten. Starting from the third child we will continue to cover the place fee in full from the municipal budget.
  8. We will CREATE the Rae Municipality Protection Unit to monitor violations of environment, public space and order.
  9. We PROMOTE sporty lifestyles, maintain existing health trails and build new ones, build a full-scale stadium in Jüri, implement the indoor football hall of Kindluse school and continue with Rae Municipality Games.
  10. We will BRING culture close to home! Rae Cultural Center will operate in every small borough and village.
  11. We BUILD and RENOVATE roads, build new light traffic roads, support the establishment of an ultra-fast and operator-neutral internet network and develop e-Rae municipality.
  12. We CONTRIBUTE an annual budget of € 30,000 to a community-led project.